There are several different alternatives of accommodation during the event. Here are a few:




Award ceremony

The award ceremony will take place during Saturdays XCO-competitions after the finish of each class.

On Sunday the award ceremony for all competition classes will take place at 15:00. For the women and men elite classes, the monetary prizes and UCI points will expire.

Bicycle parking - guarded

You can leave your bike at our guarded bicycle parking space. Just show a valid number bib. The parking space will be open Sunday 31/7 between 12 am – 6 pm.

Competition rules

For the elite classes the UCI rules applies. For other classes the Swedish Biking association competition rules for Mountain bike, TR1, TR4 and TR12.

Broken race

During a bike race, it sometimes happens that you do not finish.
We strive for a good experience even if that happens. Please notify the nearest official or the race office that you did not finish. We will try our best to help you out.


Alingsås is widely known for its café culture – if you are in town you usually go for a “fika”. On our event map you will find Alingsås cafés laid out.


All classes are located on the register page.


Race dates 2017:

  • Friday 29/7: Team Relay 4 x 2KM
  • Saturday 30/7: AMC XCO – XC at Nolhaga Mountains. Mini AMC
  • Sunday 31/7: AMC 60 K, 30K and 18K. -XCM

Emergency - Healthcare

In case of emergency for you or somebody near – call 112!
You will find healthcare establishments marked on our event map. We also have healthcare tents for easier treatments in the event village.


The organizers for the AMC are Nolhaga Bergscyklister.


Alingsås MTB Challenge is working towards becoming an environmental branded event via the foundation “Håll Sverige rent”. To us it is important to give our arena care in all aspects. We do this partially by sharing and informing about the campaign Naturen är vår arena.

Alingsås MTB Challenge wants to defend the environment that is our arena. Placing marked garbage zones at our liquid stations does this.

Alingsås MTB Challenge has chosen not to publish unnecessary information. Instead we are actively putting up information through social media and newsletters. We have also put in resources towards better waste disposal with the opportunity to sort waste and environmental branded electricity.

Other elements are KRAV-branded bananas and ecological coffee. During the event transportation will of course be via foot, bike or environmental friendly cars.

Liquid stations

We have placed 4 separate stations throughout the courses. You can find them marked on the event map.

Minimum age

To compete in the AMC 60km you have to be 17 years, or turn 17 the same year.
To compete in the AMC 30km you have to be 13 years and AMC 18 KM should be turning 10 years in the same year to compete.

Minimum age applies regardless if you are competition or exercise class.

Youngest class in AMC XCO is beginner 6-10 years.

Number Bib and chip

You collect your number bib and chip at the AMC Race office located in the event village.


There are plenty of parking places close to the event village in Nolhaga Park. You will find these on our event map.

Public spots - where can I get a good view of the races?

You will find good viewing spots on our event map.

Registration and Costs

Registration for AMC 2017 is open.

Registration and payment is done through our registration system on our website. Please visit the registration page for more information about prices and how to enroll.

24th of July is the last day to register. Registration after this date is possible until the day of the event.
The fee for late registrations are found in the registration page.


Will be posted on our website and on the notice board in the event village.


Seeding of elite classes will take place according to UCI regulations part 4, Mountain bike.

Start, Finish and Laps

Will be placed in direct connection with our event village in the beautiful Nolhaga Park, just within a few minutes walking distance from central Alingsås. See the event map.


For the AMC XCO the timing will be done electronically with a SCF system. This means that all cyclists except the sport and beginner classes will be using chips. There is an option for the licensed cyclists who do not have a personal chip to rent a chip. The cost for renting a chip is 40 SEK for youth and 200 SEK for all others.

If the rented chip is not returned the person will be charged with 1000 SEK.

For the AMC XCM and ACM XCP the timing will be taken with xxx. You will receive a chip during the number bib distribution, which you attach on your handlebar.

Toilets, Showers and Changing rooms

Preliminary the facilities for changing and showering are according to the event map, with regard towards the renovations of Nolhagahallen. More information regarding this will be posted soon.


AMC XCO – A 4,6 km one lap course.
AMC XCM – A 60 km course with two 30 km loops. Start and finish with solicitation in Nolhaga Park, see course map.
AMC XCP – The first 30 km loop of the AMC XCM course

What´s included in the registration fee?

Included is free liquid/sports drink and fruit, which you can get at the tracks liquid stations.
You also get a pasta salad at the AMC, XCM and XCP finish line.

A medal is received for completing the AMC and XCM tracks.

If you need further assistance please contact us.

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