AMC XCO is located at Nolhaga Castle and the two forest heights will offer a fantastic bike experience for the elite as well as beginners.

AMC 60KM, 30Km and 18 KM

The start is at the heart of Alingsås Nolhaga Park, where the bike will take you to in the master start to Laggarbackarna where the field is released. With gravel under the wheels take you up, up and up to Rödeneplatåns expanse of trails.

After four more kilometers, the Krängs Mosse take you on the ridges to the path at Nävrakärret. Now begins the journey toward Vänga and tractor paths wearing it down with momentum. After a while the meadows at Deragården opens.

With Vagnshed in the rearview mirror begins a new climb to the mast at Spånås. The track runs between fields and forests at Häckelid to rise up against a well-deserved king of the hill prize. Furthermore, the fast dirt road past the Långesbro and there begins some up & downs on rough haul roads up against Frösjöpigg. Now it goes fast down towards Areberg, where, for many riders, a nice asphalt transportation to Bolltorps fields, for the 2nd loop of the AMC 60Km or finish for AMC 30KM in Nolhaga Park.

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